The Swiss Informatics Society (SI)

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The Swiss Informatics Society (SI) is the Professional Association for Informatics in Switzerland.

It is internationally connected and accredited by the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) and by the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS).

The SI subsumes a large variety of IT competences in ca. 25 Special Interest Groups. It promotes education in IT on all levels from IT skills (through the European Computer Driving License ECDL) to Informatics at schools and universities.

A major goal of the SI is promoting IT professionalism in Switzerland via competence frameworks, life long learning models, codes of ethics and conduct, and certification systems.

SI understands itself as a bridge between Academia and the Swiss Society. It advocates Digital Democracy and aims at optimally supporting the Swiss Society in the information age.

From this perspective SI gratefully acknowledges the opportunity of entering a partnership with the actors of the World Information Society. SI has supported the WSIS Forum since quite some years via UNESCO as one of the WSIS facilitators.

SI is regularly promoting recommendations and actions by the WSIS multi-stakeholders/ facilitators, and it anticipates new impulses from the TEDx Geneva to enrich the international exchange during this first week of May 2016.

Prof. Jürg Gutknecht
President of SI