Cyberspace and Human Rights

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The need for a new code of conduct when using digital systems.

Rapid advances of new technologies leading to continuous impressive improvements in digital systems performances, combined with the internet based worldwide social networks, raise the problem of the uncontrolled cyber actions that may negatively affect individuals and societies.

These actions can lead to dramatic situations hence performed in many cases by digital servers, pre-programed by specialists in information technologies, but in absence of the use of the Human Rights legal frame, as installed and signed by the international community of countries.

The binary installed decision making processes can in nano-seconds jail individuals and de-private them from their basic rights, if misused by questionable protagonists. The same applies to nations headed by leaders less concerned about the damage they can origin on a world wide scale.

The above calls for Human Rights certified digital systems, limiting the improper use of advanced technologies and social networks processes by forcing the server programing to comply to a specific code of conduct in line with the Human Rights chart.

By doing so, pre-programmed standardized servers including an ethical code with the help of artificial intelligence and labeled as such by an international certification authority, could offer a standardized solution and insure the proper use of systems and processes.

Today automotive engines need to comply with set emission standards.

The same can apply to our still emerging information society. Digital servers shall comply with Human Rights standards. Governments need to regulate the use of systems, processes and applications in order to limit the misuse, hence by guaranteeing the liberty of expression. The Cyberspace shall be a free space but operated with tools and applications that are controllable, for the sake of humanity.

The task is big but it will prevent … and should be starting from WSIS Forum 2016 through an impulsion produced by TEDx Geneva 2106 with the theme “New Horizons” (3rd of May 2016 at CICG from 18h00 to 20h30).

Geneva, May 2016

Hans Ivanovitch

President of the Amnesty’s International Geneva Circle

Former Managing Director of the Alcatel Lucent Software Development unit, Sophia Antipolis, France

Former Managing Director for British Telecom plc for Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Co-founder of sunrise communication AG, Switzerland