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The Communication Team reports from the TEDx in Switzerland MeetUp

By Daniela Antonio

Bern comes through, in a true Swiss fashion, as one of the most intimate cities I’ve been. It is the first time that I visit the city and, between a vegetarian lunch and the TEDx In Switzerland MeetUp, we have time to stop and take in the view…. By we, I mean Caroline and I. Caroline is the coordinator of TEDxGeneva and our Communication Manager. I have recently joined as a Digital Communication Specialist, turned blogger for today. We are here in Bern to meet representatives of various other Swiss TEDx teams.

Bern, Eclubens, Lausanne and Zurich gather in the headquarters of TEDxBern. An open, bright room welcomes us. The smell of coffee and cappuccinos sets the energy in the room. Simon Schneebeli – from TEDxLausanne, and the mind behind TEDx in Switzerland – will chair the debate. Markus Maurer is fantastic host, a marketing and communication specialist that will guide us as we discuss social media strategy and identity for TEDx in Switzerland.

Over cheese and a very special loaf of bread, our sense of fellowship intensifies. We come to the conclusion that we share a mission: to share ideas worth spreading. And, while our approaches might be slightly different, it becomes clear that we all value the divergence of visions in this network. In the words of Adam Grant in Originals, “If you’re going to build a strong culture, it’s paramount to make diversity one of your core values.”

It’s this idea of collaborative brainstorming that brings us together today with the shared goal of improving our individual TEDx and strengthening the links between our teams. In this spirit, the debate overflows the meeting room into the pub next door, where we try some great craft drinks.

For TEDxGeneva, by the end of the day, we have identified the three great pillars that sustain our events: some good ideas, a fantastic audience, and a stellar team of volunteers. We are sure our stories, audience and team will shape a great TEDxGeneva in November 3, as we rethink power and the power of rethinking traditional views and systems.

We hope to see you there!

Daniela Antonio is a Communication Officer and
recently joined TEDxGeneva as a Digital Communication Specialist.