Notes from our field work

TEDx GenevaBlog, Our Journey

Or: “What we get up to when preparing for a TEDxGeneva.”

By Daniela Antonio

Have you ever wondered how a TEDxGeneva gets to the stage? Have you ever wondered about all the preparations, all the meetings, all the work our excellent team of volunteer organizers gets up to, behind the scenes? Have you ever wondered if we have fun while focusing on logistics, speaker training, and communication? (We do!)

Wonder no further! TEDxGeneva presents a new series for its blog, Our Journey!

In this new series, we will feature short blogs and plenty of pictures about our journey from the plan to the stage. We would like to invite all our audiences to come and share our fun, as we feature the expedition to find the perfect venue and the quest for ideas worth sharing; the speakers’ coaching, our meetings, the events and all other activities in which we participate in representation of TEDxGeneva.

Come join us and get to know our residents volunteers: Bouchra, Caroline, Daniela (that’s me!), Javier, Jean-Philippe, Leonor, Matteo, Michaël, Séléna, Thanasis, Theo (we thought it would be easier to list names in alphabetical order, instead of how tall are people :-)).

On our way, you’ll also meet also other volunteers and colleagues, helping us get better and get this event ready for you!

To start this journey together, let us travel to Bern with Caroline and Daniela, for an afternoon with other TEDx teams in Switzerland.

We will look forward to your comments!