Time has come to call for speakers, and their ideas, for our english speaking edition!

TEDx GenevaBlog

Send us your video by the 31th of January at info@tedxgeneva.net

  • Distill your idea.
    In a 3-minute video, you have about 500 words to describe your proposed TED Talk. Focus on the big question that your talk will answer !
  • Think about how your idea will be relevant right now.
    You will be in front of 500 decision makers, entrepreneurs, activists, Why does your idea have special meaning right now?
  • Use incisive, clear language.
    Try to describe your concepts in a way that most people would understand, without compromising the quality of your thoughts and ideas.

  • Consider asking someone else to record your audition video for you.
    This way, you can focus on delivering your talk, not on your tech. Keep your video simple.
  • Be yourself.
    We’re looking for people who are authentic, who have something to say and their own honest way to share it.

What is a TEDx Talk?


TEDxGeneva – The day before the event – Novembre 2017 

A TEDx Talk is a showcase for speakers presenting great, well-formed ideas in between 4 to 18 minutes. Something that’s new and surprising; an idea or invention that your audience has never heard about. A great basic idea with a compelling new argument behind it that challenges beliefs and perspectives. In other words, an idea isn’t just a story or a list of facts. A good idea takes certain evidence or observations and draws a larger conclusion.