The Journey of Assistants’ Coaches

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By Daniela Antonio

Many of them are first time participants, having answered our call back in May. They come from many different backgrounds, have different areas of expertise, and they can be anyone from seasoned professionals to having just got their bachelor’s degree… This blog could be about speakers, but it’s not. We are talking about assistants’ coaches.

Many of them volunteered for the first time this year. All of them feel passionate about the TEDx format and want to volunteer their time and passion for our next edition TEDxGeneva ‘Rethinking Power’ on November 3rd, 2019. Their job is to help speakers deliver their best talk. They keep in regular contact with the speakers and help them perfect their message, curate their content and practise their talk. It is a crucial role and it comes with its own challenges: sometimes it can be difficult to match everyone’s schedules around the day-to-day and work responsibilities, and sometimes speakers might become unavailable on short notice… Nonetheless, it can be a very rewarding task.

“The thing I find most rewarding is to be part of the journey that speakers take. The person that gives the talk is not the same person who submits the proposal; there’s  an evolution – and, of course, supporting their journey is a journey for us too…” says Shankar Velupillai, assistant coach with TEDxGeneva.

Besides the sense of accomplishment of speakers and assistants’ coaches, the TEDx talk itself and the day of the event are also a source of pride for the volunteer team… will you join us? There’s only a few days left to book your ticket!

Tickets are available at: 

We will look forward to welcoming you for TEDxGeneva “Rethinking Power”!