Caroline introducing TEDxGeneva to the Rethinking Power speakers.

The first step to the TEDxGeneva stage

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The sunny afternoon of Sunday, June 23rd brought together speakers, assistants’ coaches, and the TEDxGeneva core team to take the first step on the way to the TEDxGeneva stage. With the goal of facilitating the meeting between all the TEDxGeneva team (speakers, assistants’ coaches, and core team), this kick-off meeting was also an opportunity for the team to explain the curation process, and for speakers to rethink their message for the ‘Rethinking Power’ edition and get feedback on their ideas worth spreading. 

For each edition, TEDxGeneva welcomes around 10 visionaries and practitioners of socio-economic transition to share their ideas and experiences, to inspire and challenge us. Much like this Sunday in June, our stellar team of volunteers aims to provide a relaxed and creative atmosphere, where speakers’ ideas may thrive. After a brief introduction of TEDxGeneva, speakers benefitted from a short session on the basics of public speaking, facilitated by Michèle Girardin. Speakers then had the opportunity to present their ideas to the Curation and Audience Committees, who provided feedback to launch the curation process.

Caroline introducing TEDxGeneva to the Rethinking Power speakers.
Caroline introducing TEDxGeneva to the speakers of the Rethinking Power edition.

“A good talk should capture the audience’s attention from the first moments, provoke an emotion, and effectively register a message in the mind of the audience,” explains Michèle. “A lot of work and feedback is necessary to craft such a talk and message, so I was very impressed by the speakers’ motivation to distill their idea into a 5-minute presentation, and also by the quality and richness of the feedback given by the curation committee.”

For now, speakers will work on crafting their message. In September, together with their assistant coach, speakers will continue the curation process, fine-tuning their idea to deliver a memorable talk on November 3rd on the TEDxGeneva stage.

Tickets for the ‘Rethinking Power’ edition will become available in September.

We will look forward to seeing you there!