TEDxGeneva 2018 (22.03): And the day after? All videos are online

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TEDxGeneva 2018, 22.03, And the day after? edition puts its emphasis on the potential to use the fast-moving technology to shape everyone’s own future independently and presents several speakers with very different backgrounds and perspectives on this topic.

André Saltz is an open-source programmer and imagines a social network mobile app that works independently from the internet and provides an alternative to the likes of Facebook and Twitter.
Narjis Hilale raises awareness concerning the prospect of robots being an essential work force in the near future and the increasing need of soft skills.
On a similar train of thought, Xavier Oberson suggests to raise taxes on robots as a substitute for the disappearance of jobs.
Samantha Slade is a social designer and entrepreneur and postulates that the future enterprises will be organised as commons, in which all the people involved work in a flat-hierarchy type of organisation and where the collective well-being is put forward.
From a more ecological point of view, Carolien Niebling, a product designer and food researcher, is looking at ways of reinventing food with the goal to lower the consumption of ecologically inefficient food like meat.
Lutz Weischer, a team leader of the International Climate Policy, is raising awareness for global injustices and encourages people to use the legal system to protect their rights if violated by seemingly too powerful countries or companies.
We turn to Mathlde Chevee that urges us to trust and work with adolescents. For her, working with young people has been a life changing ex-perience. It just requires a mind-shift and mutual trust.
Also in line with this years TEDx And the day after? edition, Patrick Donaldson gives us a brief explanation on how to create brands and communicate ideas with the purpose of a sustained and long-lasting effect.
Last but not least, Samsara, a group of musicians with a background in Indian music, flamenco and other traditional forms, is able to bring the different styles into a contemporary context of “the day after” and allows dancers from all around the world to participate in this outstanding performance.

TEDxGeneva 2018 presents a challenging diversity of speakers and a way on how to cope with the manifold aspects of our socio-economic transition. All the videos can be found here.