Who’s behind TEdxGeneva?

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Who’s behind TEDxGeneva ? After Yves Bennaim for 2009-2010, Théo Bondolfi is curating the 2013 edition :

Théo Bondolfi is proud to announce a new step in TEDxGeneva events organization, starting in 2013.

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How come ? In 2009, Yves Benmain, co-founder of Fairward association, pioneered with the first TEDxGeneva. He then reedited it in 2010. The amazing talks can be found here : 2009 / 2010. Besides, various organizers are developing great TEDx initiatives in Geneva area such as TEDxParcdesbastions, TEDxPlainpalais, TEDxCERN, TEDxUNIGE… In 2011, Yves Benmain announced he would not organize the …

News about TEDxGeneva 2011-2012

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It’s a difficult update I am posting today, bringing (temporary) bad news for TEDxGeneva fans, as I am writing to announce that this edition of TEDxGeneva is cancelled. When I first applied for the TEDx license 3 years ago, it was a simple yet ambitious task to organize a 100% free all-day event for more than 200 people, and promote …

Feedback + Save the date

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Just a short update on TEDxGeneva ’11. But first, if you haven’t filled the little post-event survey yet, could you please spend a minute to do so? It does help us a lot to get your feedback, and this will allow us to make a better event next time. Click here to send us your feedback. Thank you. For this …

Uploading videos

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Just uploaded the video of Claude Marshall’s talk (via the TEDx YouTube channel, Vimeo is here, Dailymotion here, and other videos sharing sites coming soon), at: [Edit, 03/2015:] https://tedxgeneva.net/talks/claude-marshall-sports-giving-refugee-youth-their-lost-childhood/ The new videos page is now at: [Edit, 05/2015:] https://tedxgeneva.net/videos/ As usual, you’re more than welcome to comment, and forward/share with your friends. More videos coming soon…