Théo Bondolfi is proud to announce a new step in TEDxGeneva events organization, starting in 2013.

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How come ?

In 2009, Yves Benmain, co-founder of Fairward association, pioneered with the first TEDxGeneva.

He then reedited it in 2010. The amazing talks can be found here : 2009 / 2010.
Besides, various organizers are developing great TEDx initiatives in Geneva area such as TEDxParcdesbastions, TEDxPlainpalais, TEDxCERN, TEDxUNIGE
In 2011, Yves Benmain announced he would not organize the TEDx anymore, see his post on the TEDxGENEVA blog.
Here, we honor his pionneering action as door opener of the TEDx culture in Switzerland, with the support of TEDxGlobal for Europe, Mr Bruno Giussani.

A long tradition of intermediation between cultures and visions.
Besides, since 2004, Théo Bondolfi is organizing in Switzerland a forum with talks on societal innovation, called Forum eCulture hosted and supported by and HES-SO. It is promoting cross-disciplinary societal changes induced by digital culture in all its forms, and it’s link to common good. The eCulture forum has received over 3’000 participants in 10 editions (2004-2011), mixing leaders from universities, private sector, public administration, researchers and social entrepreneurs (NGO sector).

The curation had been led with support of scientific council, gathering some of the world leaders on common good in information society and socio-technical innovation, such as Richard Stallam, founder of Free licences for a free society (GNU project, GFDL, inspiring CreativeCommon and Wikipedia) and Florence Devouard, former chairwoman of Wikimedia foundation (operating Wikipedia), as well as Antoine Moreau (free Art licence / Copyleft Attitude)…

TED & TEDx independant events : common good at first

Meanwhile, Théo Bondolfi, with support of the executive team (composed of director of Universities, social entrepreneurs of non-profit start-up and media visionaires), has been searching for a third way on societal dynamic, inbetween  Social forums (started in Porto Alegre) and Economical Forum (started in Davos). After analyzing in details the structure of TED and TEDx independantly organized events, he considered that the method deployedby TED  was corresponding to very high quality criteria, although not publicizing it that much: 100% open shared knowledge, a clear cross-disciplinary approach, an very efficient format, a merit oriented dynamic, a socio entrepreneurship culture.
This is why Théo called Yves Benmain to ask him if he was ok with the idea of having a new team relaunching the TEDxGeneva talks, he accepted and then we applied to TED services for reactivation of the TEDxGeneva licence.
TED sent Théo confirmation in beginning of January 2013, and he launched the TEDxGeneva Edition 2013 as a kick off for a new step in TEDxGENEVA.

Théo Bondolfi new curator & licensee, for a continuity of TEDxGeneva spirit

Thanks to the previous experiences in forum eCuture, Théo Bondolfi and the TEDxGeneva team (hosted by & HEG-GE) is proud to announce that 2013 edition is realized in partnerships with both University (HEG-GE, a branch of HES-SO), private sector, European Union (innovative lifelong learning Agency EACEA supporting the WikiSkills network) and social entreprises (CARITAS-Geneva, APTES, Smala incubator…). See details on partners page.